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Spectacular Beaches & Sunsets, North Beach, Tow Hill, Rainforest, Guided Hikes…

Photo of wreckagee from the ship called Kelly Ruth.Photo of a boulder balancing precariously on the beach.Photo of Copper the dog investigating the beach.Photo of the Old Massett sunset.

Salmon & Halibut Fishing… & Crabbing

Photo of April White holding a caught salmon.
Photo of April White holding a caught salmon.Photo of crabs in a bucket.

Raven, Eagle, Bird, Whale & Wildlife Watching…

Picture of the authorPicture of the author
Picture of the author

Totem Poles, Artists & Carvers Studios, Longhouse, Haida & Northwest Coast Art…

Photo of a Haida carving in Old Massett.Photo of a Haida canoe.
Photo of ancient Haida totems.Photo of ancient Haida totems.
Photo of a totem pole in Old Massett.